Nafaqo crips

Nafaqo Crips are thin slices of potatoes that has been deep fried or baked until crunchy. Nafaqo crips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer.  They are tasty and healthy foods prepared from organic material making them the best in their category.

They are Light, fresh and tasty. Nafaqo crisps are packed in units of  50g · 110g · 180g · 250g · 400g.

Welcome to the home of Somalia's favourite crisps, Nafaqo Crips. Discover the delicious full range and extended family of our quality packed products.
 The Nutritional value includes :-
  • 150 Calories needed by the body
  • Crisps contain a considerable amounts of sodium per serving


Our Personalized health review  showed our Nafaqoo Crips as the BEST PRODUCT in its category the whole of Somalia Republic.




Why Amiir ?

Our values and principles are our guiding pillars in ensuring we produce the best products you will ever find in the market. We value your health, and therefore we use only fresh pure organic raw materials which we subject to rigoruos professional testing before feeding them to our production machines ensuring the the products that come out are the best you will ever find in the entire region. 

We welcome you to enjoy our range of products from Amiir Trading Company !

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